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Fandoms + Ships

fandom + ship guide
what I read - what I write - what I love.

*but i'm pretty much open to any ship out there, as long as someone writes a good fic about them*

10 Things I Hate About You (TV Show)
Ships | Kat/Patrick.  Joey/Bianca.
Friendships | Kat+Bianca.  Bianca+Cameron.  Kat+Cameron.  Bianca+Joey.  Cameron+Patrick.
Close to my Heart | Patrick Verona.  Kat Stratford.  Joey Donner.

(500) Days of Summer
Ships | Tom/Summer. (when they fall out of love and Tom angsts and then finally realizes that he's fine in the end and better because of it)
Friendships | Tom+Rachel.  Tom+Summer.
Close to my Heart | Tom Hansen.  Rachel Hansen.

American Horror Story
Ships | Violet/Tate
Friendships | Violet+Leah.
Close to my Heart | Violet Harmon. Tate Langdon. (you're batshit crazy, but I love you)

Anna and the French Kiss / Lola and the Boy Next Door
Ships | Anna/Étienne. Lola/Cricket. 
Friendships | Anna+Étienne+Lola+Cricket.
Close to my Heart | Anna Oliphant. Étienne St. Clair. Cricket Bell. Calliope Bell. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra
Ships | Mai/Zuko.  Korra/Mako.  Aang/Katara.  Sokka/Toph.  Toph/The Duke.  Longshot/Smellerbee.  Tenzin/Pema.  Lin/Tenzin.  Sokka/Suki.  Korra/Bolin.  Iroh/Asami.  Aang/On Ji.  Azula/Ty Lee.  Azula/Mai.
Friendships | Azula+Mai+Ty Lee+Zuko.  The whole Gaang.  Zuko+Iroh.  Zuko+Aang.  Zuko/Sokka.  Mai+Suki.  Mai+Toph.  Tenzin+Korra.  Jinora+Ikki+Meelo.   
Close to my Heart | Mai.  Zuko.  Toph Beifong.  Iroh.  Jinora.        

The Avengers
Ships | Clint/Natasha.
Friendships | EVERYONE, DAMMIT.
Close to my Heart | Clint Barton (Hawkeye). 

The Book Thief
Ships | Rudy/Liesel.  Liesel/Max.
Friendships | Liesel+Max.  Rudy+Liesel.  Liesel+Hans.  Liesel+Rosa.
Close to my Heart | Rudy Steiner.  Hans Hubermann.  Liesel Meminger.  Max Vandenburg.  Rosa Hubermann.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Ships | Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter.  Jill/Eustace.  Digory/Polly.  Peter/Susan.  Caspian/Lucy.
Friendships | Peter+Susan+Edmund+Lucy.  Caspian+Edmund.  Peter+Edmund.  Digory+Polly.  Edmund+Eustace.
Close to my Heart | Edmund Pevensie.  Lucy Pevensie.

Ships | Jeff/Annie. 
Friendships | Troy+Abed.  The Study Group.
Close to my Heart | Abed Nadir.  Britta Perry.

Ships | Finn/Rachel.  Mike/Tina.  Kurt/Blaine.  Sam/Quinn.  Brittany/Artie.  Brittany/Santana.   Puck/Quinn.  Wes/Santana.
Friendships | The Whole Glee Club, dammit.
Close to my Heart | Santana Lopez..  Mike Chang.  Brittany S. Pierce.  Quinn Fabray.  Sunshine Corazon. 

Gossip Girl (Season 1)
Ships | Blair/Chuck.   Dan/Blair.  Nate/Vanessa.  Dan/Serena. 
Friendships | Dan+Jenny.  Blair+Serena.  Blair+Dakota.  Eric+Jenny.
Close to my Heart | Blair Waldorf.  Chuck Bass.  Serena van der Woodsen.  Dan Humphrey.  Jenny Humphrey.  Eric van der Woodsen. Dorota.

Harry Potter
Ships | Scorpius/Rose.  Draco/Astoria.  Harry/Ginny.  Dean/Luna.  Teddy/Victoire.  Katie/Oliver.  Remus/Tonks.  Bill/Fleur.  Ted/Andromeda.  Neville/Hannah.  Percy/Audrey.  Sirius/Marleen.  James/Lily.  Arthur/Molly.  Lucius/Narcissa.  Colin/Romilda.  Ron/Hermione.  Neville/Luna.  Neville/Ginny.  Michael/Daphne.  Draco/Pansy.  Draco/Daphne.  Bloody Baron/Grey Lady.
Friendships | Harry+Ron+Hermione.  Fred+George.  Snape/Lily.  Luna+Everyone.  Sirius+James+Remus.
Close to my Heart | The Trio.  All of the NextGen.  The Weasleys.  Draco Malfoy.  Astoria Greengrass.  Luna Lovegood.  Neville Longbottom.  Minerva McGonagall.  Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.  Colin Creevy.  Dobby.

House, M.D.
Ships | Chase/Cameron.  House/Cuddy.
Friendships | House+Wilson.  Taub+Foreman.  House+Rachel Cuddy
Close to my Heart | Gregory House.  Remy "Thirteen" Hadley.  James Wilson.  Eric Foreman.  Martha M. Masters.  Rachel Cuddy.

How to Train Your Dragon
Ships | Hiccup/Astrid.
Friendships | Hiccup+Toothless.
Close to my Heart | Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.  Astrid Hofferson.

The Hunger Games
Ships | Finnick/Annie.  Katniss/Peeta.  Gale/Madge.  Haymitch/Maysilee.  Finnick/Cinna.  Gale/Johanna.  Thresh/Foxface.  Gale/Katniss.  Prim/Rory.  Mr. Everdeen/Mrs. Everdeen.  Beetee/Wiress.  Cinna/Portia.   Peeta/Madge.  Peeta/Delly.
Friendships | Gale+Katniss.  Finnick+Mags+Annie.  Finnick+Johanna.  Cinna+Portia.  Finnick+Cinna.  Annie+Johanna.  Katniss+Rue.  Peeta+Delly+Madge.  Peeta+Prim.  Thresh+Rue.
Close to my Heart | Finnick Odair.  Annie Cresta.  Peeta Mellark.  Madge Undersee.  Cinna.  Mags.  Portia.  Gale Hawthorne.  The Hawthorne Kids.  Boggs. 


Ships | Sam/Freddie. 
Friendships | Sam+Carly+Freddie.  Carly+Spencer. 
Close to my Heart | Sam Puckett.  Freddie Benson. 

Ships | Arthur/Ariadne.  Mal/Dom. 
Friendships | Arthur+Eames.  Arthur+Cobb+Mal.  Ariadne+Yusuf.
Close to my Heart | Arthur.  Ariadne.  Yusuf.  Saito.  Eames.

The Infernal Devices
Ships | Jem/Sophie.  Henry/Charlotte.  Camille/Magnus.  Will/Tessa/Jem.
Friendships | Will+Jem. 
Close to my Heart | Jem Carstairs.  Charlotte Branwell. 

Jonas L.A.
Ships | Nick/Macy.  Joe/Stella.
Friendships | Nick+Joe+Kevin.  Nick+Stella.  Macy+Stella. 
Close to my Heart | Macy Misa.  Nick Lucas.  Frankie Lucas.

The Legend of Zelda
Ships | Link/Zelda.  Dark Link/Midna.  Link/Midna.  Linebeck/Jolene.
Friendships | Link+Midna.  Link+Everyone.
Close to my Heart | Link. Zelda.

Lord of the Rings
Ships | Faramir/Eowyn.  Aragorn/Arwen. 
Friendships | Frodo+Sam.  Pippin/Merry.
Close to my Heart | Samwise Gamgee.

Modern Family
Ships | Phil/Claire.  Gloria/Jay.  Cameron/Mitchell.  Haley/Dylan.
Friendships | The whole family.
Close to my Heart | I can't choose one - they're all perfection.

The Mortal Instruments
Ships | Alec/Magnus.  Simon/Isabelle.  Jace/Clary.  Maia/Jordan.  Alec/Isabelle.  Maryse/Robert.  Stephen/Amatis.  Stephen/Celine.
Friendships | Clary+Simon.  Alec+Isabelle+Jace+Max.  Jace+Simon+Jordan.  Jace+Alec.  Magnus+Simon.
Close to my Heart | Alec Lightwood.  Simon Lewis.  Magnus Bane.  Isabelle Lightwood.  Jordan Kyle.  Max Lightwood. 

New Girl
Ships | Jess/Nick.
Friendships | Jess+Schmidt+Nick+Winston+Cece.
Close to my Heart | Nick Miller.

One Direction [RPF]
Ships | Liam/Zayn.  Harry/Louis.  Niall/Josh.  Liam/Louis.
Friendships | The whole damn band.  Zayn+Louis. 
Close to my Heart | Zayn Malik.  Liam Payne.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians / The Heroes of Olympus
Ships |  Percy/Annabeth. Luke/Thalia. Nico/Rachel.  Percy/Reyna.  Reyna/Percy/Annabeth.  Percy/Annabeth/Nico.  Sally/Paul.  Hermes/May.  Apollo/Rachel.  Percy/Nico.  Silena/Beckendorf.  Thalia/Leo.  Clarisse/Chris.  Maria/Hades.  Percy/Calypso.  Luke/Calypso.  Sally/Poseidon.  Artemis/Apollo.  Piper/Jason. 
Friendships | Percy+Nico+Annabeth+Rachel.  Luke+Thalia+Annabeth.  Thalia+Percy.  Bianca+Nico.  The Hunters of Artemis.  Piper+Jason+Leo.  Percy+Everybody.
Close to my Heart | Percy Jackson.  Luke Castellan.  Reyna.  Nico DiAngelo.  Leo Valdez.  Thalia Grace. 
Annabeth Chase.  Sally Jackson.  Paul Blofis.  Zoe Nightshade.  Bianca DiAngelo.  Rachel Elizabeth Dare.  Hermes.  May Castellan.  Hades.  Hestia. 

Pretty Little Liars
Ships | Hannah/Caleb.  Spencer/Wren.  Aria/Ezra.  Spencer/Toby.
Friendships | Hannah+Aria+Emily+Spencer.
Close to my Heart | Spencer Hastings. Wren Kingston.

Sailor Moon
Ships | Haruka/Michiru.  Mamoru/Usagi.
Friendships | All Sailor Scouts.
Close to my Heart | Tenoh Haruka.  Kaioh Michiru

Skins (Generation 1 & 2)
Ships | Effy/Freddie.  Sid/Cassie.  Naomi/Emily.  Effy/Cook.  Tony/Cassie.  Josh/Michelle. 
Friendships | Freddie+Cook+JJ.  Tony+Effy.  Sid+Tony.  Maxxie+Anwar.  Maxxie+Tony.  Effy+Pandora. 
Close to my Heart | Effy Stonem.  Tony Stonem.  Maxxie Oliver.  Cassie Ainsworth.  Karen McClair.  Katie Fitch.  Naomi Campbell.  Freddie McClair. 

Sonny With a Chance
Ships | Chad/Sonny.
Friendships | So Random! Cast.
Close to my Heart | Chad Dylan Cooper.

Star Trek 2009
Ships | Spock/Uhura.
Friendships | Kirk+Spock.  Kirk+McCoy.  The whole crew of the Enterprise.
Close to my Heart | Spock.  Montgomery "Scotty" Scott.  Pavel Chekov.  Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

Ships | Rapunzel/Eugene.
Friendships | Rapunzel+Eugene.
Close to my Heart | Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Ryder.  Rapunzel.  Pascal.

Ships | Jacob/Leah.  Garrett/Kate.  Sam/Emily.  Quil/Claire.  Seth/Renesmee.  Rachel/Paul.  Carlisle/Esme.  Jasper/Alice.  Emmett/Rosalie.  Riley/Victoria.  Tia/Benjamin.  Nahuel/Renesmee. 
Friendships | All of the Quileute Tribe.
Close to my Heart | Leah Clearwater.

Ships | Jade/Beck.
Friendships | Tori+Cat+Jade.
Close to my Heart | Jade West.  Beck Oliver. 

X-men: First Class
Ships | Erik/Charles.  Raven/Hank.  Charles/Moira.  Alex/Darwin.  Erik/Emma.
Friendships | Erik+Charles.  Charles+Raven.  Alex+Raven+Hank+Angel+Banshee.  Alex+Hank. 
Close to my Heart | Charles Xavier and his husband Erik and his little mutant family.

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