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While I'm still in the mood for introductions, I'm going to take a moment to acknowledge two of my favorite people on FF.net: UndeniablyMe and Ophelia Skinner!

I doubt that they even remember me after my eight month hiatus (my goodness, it's been that long?) but nevertheless, I always  think of them whenever I'm writing my little stories (however cliche that may sound...) They're the two sweetest reviewers on the face of the earth, and I'm lucky to even have the privilege of them reading my stuff. Not to mention that they're pretty kick-ass writers themselves. I've been a fan of the range and diversity of UM's work since my Camp Rock days, and Ophelia's All My Little Words had been a cause for many sleepless nights reading.

Here's some of my personal favorites of theirs:

UndeniablyMe: Forever and Ever James, Fallin' For You (a companion to my own fic that definitely exceeds my writing), The Dark Mark Burns, The Art of Giving Roses, and As Always, Lions and Serpents (lovingly abbreviated as AA,LaS)

Ophelia Skinner: Her mega-ego-booster of a review for my story Jigsaw Heart (which was probably written while I was far from sane.) And of course, All My Little Words.

All in all, they're amazing, and you should go over and review their stories and tell them how wonderful they are. Heck, I'll say that right now. I'm grateful for them for dealing with my hiatuses, and reviewing practically every single one of my stories, and being such an amazing source of encouragement, and I hope that they won't find this and get freaked out by my gushing. I'll end on this totally cheesy yet true note:

They make me feel grateful that I started writing fanfiction in the first place.
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03 August 2010 @ 03:25 pm
Well, let's just get these awkward introductions over with. The name's summersongg, or more commonly BittersweetSummer. I'm a long time lurker here on Livejournal, and never actually had the guts to make one until this year. And of course, I just had to procrastinate on getting the settings and layouts and userpics all fine and dandied up until I actually made this public. It's addicting, starting a journal like this.

I'm more commonly found on Fanfiction.net (in between long-ass hiatuses) so you're free to pop on over there to check out the low-quality fanfiction that I write for fun. I'm warning you; they get worse as you go back in time. So do me a favor and let's not look at those. They embarrass me.

Writing is a hobby. Unfortunately, I haven't got much time on hand, so fics are few and far in-between. I may occasionally rant about insignificant things on here, post pictures, all that jazz. I get distracted easily.

...And I'm still in the closet about my fanfic writing. I intend to keep it that way for obvious reasons. (Why the heck would you waste your time on that? They're fictional characters, for goodness sakes!)

Hookay, that's about it. I can go and rant on and on about myself, but I have a feeling that nobody's going to want to read that. Go to my profile (which is still in construction, darnnit) if you'd like to get a somewhat clearer picture of who I am.

Good day.

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