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i'm on such a percy jackson kink right now that it's not even funny

I was rereading The Titan's Curse, and caught the blatant Thuke references that I somehow missed before because I was being an idiot. In my defense, the only book I remember is TLO, and all signs of any relationship between the two magically disappeared in there. Consistency, Rick Riordan. I love you, but please.

Well, I sort of fell in love with the whole idea of them all over again. Oh hey, I love you. Too bad you've gone batshit crazy and joined the dark side and I've eternally sworn off men. But no problem, really. Let's make it work.  And because Luke/Annabeth makes my stomach crawl.

Honestly, why else would Luke have chosen reincarnation?

And I just wrote this random Thuke fic that somehow morphed into a Phoebe and Thalia angsting like the eternal teenagers they are thing. I don't even know what I was thinking. Right now it's currently sitting on my laptop and taunting me, I swear.

I'm afraid to post it.
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