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haven't seen you guys in a while...

i think i'm in way over my head.

my efforts at being a humanitarian/successful student/inciter of jealousy in all people's eyes due to my achievements has left me with basically no social life whatsoever, internet or otherwise.

i've been taking too many courses, volunteering too much (that sounds horrible, i know), getting absolutely no sleep, and basically immersing myself into becoming someone who has mental breakdowns on a daily basis.

and now it's veteran's day and summer feels like it was just yesterday and i feel like life's flashing in front of my eyes too quickly.

i'm going to try and start anew, starting with this handy-dandy sparkly new computer of mine.
hm, new journal layout? check.
spiffy new joseph gordon-levitt mood theme? (yes, i'm not over inception yet) check!

new ideas? not quite yet. but i'm working on it. i feel like writing...

(not-so-subtle hint to ageofglass : hope you feel like writing too. missed you, bb.)

love you all.
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